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The Basketball Diaries(1995) BrRip 550MB.mkv




Category:1995 films Category:1990s drama films Category:American drama films Category:American films Category:Films directed by Steve Jacobs Category:Films shot in New Jersey Category:Paramount Pictures films Category:Films set in New York City Category:Films based on biographies Formal and informal household‐based water treatment methods have been used for water treatment for human and livestock consumption. Formal methods, include the boiling or purification with an appropriate treatment chemical (e.g., chlorine) of drinking water, treatment of sewage, and removal of wastewater by disinfection and filtration. Formal methods are also used for drinking water or wastewater discharge. Formal treatments are time‐consuming, complex, and costly. In many cases, it may not be feasible to provide safe drinking water in the times of emergency (Geddes et al., [2008](#tbed13598-bib-0022){ref-type="ref"}; Kennedy et al., [2015](#tbed13598-bib-0033){ref-type="ref"}; Limber, [2013](#tbed13598-bib-0037){ref-type="ref"}). 5.1. Treatment of livestock for emergency use {#tbed13598-sec-0007} --------------------------------------------- The use of animal‐based vaccines to protect livestock against disease is an attractive option for ensuring continued food supply during emergencies (Hammond & Visscher, [2018](#tbed13598-bib-0024){ref-type="ref"}). Although livestock vaccines are available for a number of diseases, their wide‐spread use and the necessity to administer multiple doses over long periods to protect animals over their lifetime, in order to guarantee high levels of coverage, make them less efficient in comparison with other forms of protection (Pellett & Beard, [2019](#tbed13598-bib-0048){ref-type="ref"}). In recent years, the development of recombinant subunit‐based vaccines has received considerable attention. Recombinant subunit vaccines can be produced using recombinant DNA technology to manipulate gene sequences to encode the desired immunogenic molecule (Harman et al., [2007](#tbed13598-bib-0025){ref-type="ref"}; Janssen et al., [2013](#tbed13598-bib-00




The Basketball Diaries(1995) BrRip 550MB.mkv

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